What We Are

We are a highly motivated group of software professionals. We have a vast experience of working with different types of Web-based, Desktop, Embedded Software amd Mobile Applications. We also have experience of implementation of CMMI. We believe in continual learning at all levels. 

Our strength lies in our sound conceptual base and desire for learning. 

With an experience of 25 years, wish we could have said "been there, done that.".....which is fortunately not possible in the IT field. This is why we still continue to learn and continue to enjoy our work.

React, Nodejs, Mongo

Angular, Nodejs, Mongo

React Native

Open AI


SQL Programming



Data Warehousing

MySQL Administration

Microsoft SQL Server Programming

Tailwind CSS

Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)

Responsive Design

Software Process Management

The key to a successful software organization lies in its talented individuals. Even the best professionals thrive in a structured and disciplined environment.


At 76East, we prioritize Software Process Management to engineer software products efficiently. We have clearly defined steps for software development, encompassing methods like design and code inspections, formal design, and comprehensive testing.

Effective Quality Control

At 76East, we ensure effective quality control through:

  1. Efficient Defect Management
  2. Planning, Tracking, and Analysis methods


We meticulously detect and manage defects at various stages of the Software Lifecycle through peer reviews in each step, including Requirements, Design, Coding & Unit Testing, Modular Testing, System Testing, and Delivery.